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Re: William Lilly's indications of a violent death.Do they work?

That's all very well said and explained,and thank you.However..
Originally Posted by BobZemco
One other thing I want to point out is Transits. Transits are totally useless. I have to laugh at all the people who fuss and muss over Transits in the Transit sub-forum.

They waste so much time on nothing, and even that wouldn't be so bad, except they can't even interpret the Transits correctly. As you can see from the Transit Chart, there is absolutely nothing happening very slowly. This Chart has ZERO indicators of Death. There aren't even any aspects except for Transiting Jupiter Retrograde separating from Moon.
...I'm not sure about this.Yes,I agree that transits can't predict death,but when primary directions show death,a heavy transit at that time could help in making the death more extraordinary,if you can use this word for a death.If you include Uranus,Neptune,Pluto,you'll see that transiting Pluto is in an applying square to his Sun.Using wider orbs,Saturn is separating from a conjunction to his Sun.While all these don't point to death necessarily,they act as backgroung influences at the time of death.

Don't get me wrong,I just think that the slow moving planets have a wider orb of influence.The charts I've seen where mostly of young people who were murdered,had an accident or illness,and in the majority of cases Saturn,Uranus,Neptune or Pluto were in an afflicting transit to one or more of their inner planets/points,Asc,Sun,Moon,Venus,Mars,Mercury,with an orb no more than 7 degrees.

Again,I'm not saying these transits predicted their death.I'm just stating some observations.
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