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Thumbs up William Lilly's indications of a violent death.Do they work?

For anyone not familiar with these indications,you may want to check "Chistian astrology Book 3" or the following article

What I like about these rules is that they are not the usual indication type "malefics afflicting the luminaries" or "malefics in the 8th" that is adopted by many people.

Lilly uses the house rulers,the violent signs and the violent fixed stars as well,which explains why people with no apparent violent configurations in their chart died violently and why others with an afflicted chart had a natural death in old age.

I have tested these rules in some charts,and even though it can't be considered a research,so far it works better than any other theory on this subject.

I'd like to know an expert's opinion on this.If anyone uses these rules,if they work for them and any other consideration on the subject.
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