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Masturbation and me

Hey. I know this is an awkward topic but after looking though this forum I have not seen anyone broach this topic so I thought I might as well go ahead and do it.

I'm 22 years old and I've masturbated daily ever since I was 12. It was also around that time that I started developing social anxiety, depression and a stutter...I think it may be related to excess dopamine levels in the brain.

[deleted non-astrologically-related comments - Moderator]

Anyway I'm not here for a debate about the scientific aspect of it, I would just like to see if you can see my looking at my natal chart if there is any link. I would have no idea about how to go about this chart interpretation. I think I have Pluto in T-square with Moon and Venus in my chart which could indicate such a link (again my knowledge is limited).

Any help would be much appreciated.

(By the way I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules by bringing up this topic. If so, I'm sorry)
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