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Re: Indications of Singing Talents/Interest

I love this topic!!!
I've sung semi-professionally in a all-female punk band with which I toured domestically and abroad and I am currently on maternity leave from my other project.
My husband is also a singer, actually on tour right now. He also plays guitar and was classically trained on the upright bass.

strong venus, mercury & fifth house make a good singer.
venus gives music art.
mercury gives good sound & clean voice.
fifth house is house of to entertain people.
I have Taurus sun, Venus in Gemini in the 5th and libra moon. Venus is dominant in my chart, as is Mercury.
Also my husband has a strong venus.

There is nothing that tells me that someone has a great voice, but I do believe that both Neptune and Uranus are very, very important for people who are highly creative. When there is a strong aspect from Uranus to Mercury, even a very hard one, original thinking is stressed, and that is terribly important for anyone who is an artist (or could be), and Neptune/Mercury I strongly believe shows creative talent, all the things that go beyond logic, so important to music.

Mercury definitely plays a role as an artist tries to communicate something to the audience. I would think neptune connection to mercury should deserve a look, as music is related to neptune and as a songwriter you do get these dreamlike "visions" or "inspiration from the muses" (or as an inturpiter of a song you need to catch the essence of the song, so to speak )that give birth to the idea of song, which you then have to work on to craft into something "tangible" and structured...
So obviously Saturn is very important.

I think for a performer Pluto might be important for charisma.

Uranus placements could be useful to add originality.
As for myself I think difficult uranus connections might have also influenced the genre of music I got into.

As far as voices go you can really have almost any type of a voice and make it work for you in popular music (classical is a bit different)...provided you can carry a tune.

Originally Posted by blennus
Easy life? Hardly. In some respects Iíve been very fortunate. Iíve never lacked in the area of physical needs, as well as in schooling and education. However considering that Iíve almost died a few times, been run over by a car, gotten in a horrific divorce, not to mention that my father was a physically abusive alcoholic and I was the one in the family that received the brunt of his wrathÖ
My drummer is a culturehistorian who studies star quality, the "it" factor in artists.
Usually a very difficult beginning is typical, but perseverance will pay off in the end (though not necesserily financially...but in artistic triumph, or recognition at least)

Now on a different note...just sun-sign wise there's been too many Leos, Tauruses and Geminis for it to be a coincidence in musicians I've met.

And just for the record, before it's even mentioned being an introvert or an extrovert has no bearing to my experience.

Here's my chart

And my husband's (saturn conjunct sun has given him the perseverance to master instruments I think...)

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