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Re: Cold as ice?

I would expect Venus to be more involved than the Moon, because I would expect it to be more about affection or an inhibition thereof rather than about inner emotional responses. So maybe Venus in Capricorn, or Saturn squaring Venus, might manifest as an energy of limitation and control (Saturn/Capricorn) stifling an energy of love and affection (Venus).

One of the things I find interesting about the Moon/Cancer energy and the Saturn/Capricorn energy is that they're a parental pair. Moon/Cancer representing a nurturing energy traditionally associated with the mother, and Saturn/Capricorn representing a disciplining and guiding energy traditionally associated with the father.

I would second the sentiment of Starsareround, that each energy has both positive and negative ways of manifesting.

I'm curious as to why you're asking this question. Is there something in your chart, or someone else's chart, that has been interpreted as indicating a "cold" personality and you're not seeing it manifested in that person's life? Or are you thinking about a person you see as cold and wondering how that might show up in their chart? Or something else?
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