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Re: Does this new man really likes me?

Not too good at this but ima give it a shot so don't take it at face value. First, the ASC is in a late 29th degree, looks like it is already resolved or the matter has been settled. You are mercury in the 5th house so I think you are more inclined than him because 5th turned is the 11th his, so perhaps he just views you as just a friend. But the standout here is that he is Mars in his own house in his own sign, plus venus and the moon are also in the sign of Aries, so I think this may indicate he has a girlfriend that he is emotionally attached to. Get an expert like Tikana, or Raphella to dissect this, they are good at it. I'm just reaching here and I'm still learning. Sorry if I was wrong, just trying to help Oh. I forgot to add. somewhere on this forum I read, I think Raphella stated that the moon in the 7th or on the desc, shows the desperation of the querent, idtk, I could be wrong, Somebody here will correct me if I am. Not saying weather he likes you or not, but it looks like he has a girlfriend maybe even a wife. The significators aren't even aspecting. Looking back at the chart actually, you appear in the 6th house of, a not so good place to be in his turned 12th so that would make you hidden, hence the 7th house venus. aka girlfriend or wife of his. Correction, told you I was just learning. He is Jupiter in the 1st, but still shows a seperating aspect from Mercury, you, and still he has a gf. This chart shows no interest in you.

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