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Question Twin Flame aspects? vertex, eros & psyche

I have been comparing and diving deeper into the synastry of our charts and have found some very interesting aspects Id like outside input on. For some general background on our natal charts I am a Leo sun with a cancer asc. and aries moon. He is a Cancer Sun with a Gemini rising and Scorpio moon. There are plenty of favorable aspects in regards to our personal planets. I have mercury, venus and mars all conjunct in Virgo, while he has mars in taurus, venus in cancer and mercury in leo. As I was researching I was intrigued with the Vertex aspect of our charts and have discovered we share a vertex in scorpio and his moon is exactly conjunct my vertex (also where both of our pluto's are conjunct) Something unbelievable surfaced as i was researching transits around the time we met. Our first meeting was 12/3/15 and on the very next day 12/4/15 Venus entered Scorpio. No doubt this is something that activated a major part of our charts. There has been no doubt in my mind for quite some time now that he is my twin. Something else quite notable would be our North Node both conjunct in the sign of Capricorn. As for the asteroids Eros & Psyche. My psyche is conjunct his eros in cancer and my eros in Sagittarius is conjunct his descendant sign in sag aka 7th house. Also notable is my psyche in cancer conjunct his sun and his eros in cancer conjunct my ascendant. Ive read a lot on all these aspects individually. But collectively, what do you have to say for these placements in our synastry.
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