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Re: Insight regarding this girl's marriage/married life


moons pisces-gemini sq unfriendly signs prone to high mutual challenge in relationship-marriage.

asc gemini-pisces again square.

pisces wise, ethical, sensitive; gemini analytical, curious, confused.

could be inclined in a relationship but with high element of mutual challenge
in terms of mutual compatibility bordering on conflict.

hope jup transit leo trine her 7th protective of relationship she enters into the yr ahead.

hope your jup transit leo trine venus 2nd too overall promotes family-marriage
jup mid-course mid-nov to mid-march to watch, in general.

your 7th lord mer over 4th own gemini may suggest spouse from motherland in probability.

your lords 1/7 jup-mer over pisces-gemini sq prone to challenge and conflict in relationship to care.
conflict between sensitive-emotional-wise pisces and intellectual-analytical gemini.

wishing well,

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