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Re: Insight regarding this girl's marriage/married life

Dr Time,

how about posting the synastry for checking on compatibility first.

she has sat 7th and retro delaying things.
her spouse could be thin and tall perhaps.

mars-venus conj confused gemini inclined in relationships by mere attractions,
but sat/mars-venus opp stress-struggle in life and relationships,
prone to mutual health issues in a relationship probably.

lords 1/7 mer-jup over taurus 12th tending to distant land and relationship,

coming 2yrs sat opp sun-mer-jup health-relationship under great stress.
sat aspect own cap 8th protection from major danger.

sat transit scorpio opp jup lord 7th, missed opportunities in relationship, career, etc
owing to miscalculations, misjudgments.
jup lord 7/10th for relationship-career,
jup-mer lords 1/7 conj for relationship, transit sat opp, under stress coming 2 yrs.

jup now transit leo 3rd till mid-july 016, trine sat sag 7th
hopefully protective of relationship, trine aries 11th for friendships,

come 016 ketu transits acq 9th tending to distant lands.

rahu joins jup leo 3rd vitiating judgment-wisdom, prone to rise-fall.

moon pisces compatible with moons pisces, scorpio, sag, cancer.

hope generic observations help, pick as relevant. share feedbacks.

wishing well,

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