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Re: Sexual tension at work

Originally Posted by Dr.Time View Post
....May I ask, what is the speciality of Neptune as a planet, and more specifically in the 10th house? Please excuse my ignorance. Your comment here really hits close to home....
Actually, I already answered this in my previous post. In fact, the way you have described your 'way of life' at present also sounds very Neptunian. For instance, doing charity work, and working for ashrams, etc. Wanting to take care of your parents (that is something the parents of today cannot take for granted). Also, your fascination for India for the reasons you listed (spirituality, etc) also reflects the hold of Neptune on you. This is just what I meant.

For a Neptunian person, unlike a Saturn or a Pluto person, money and power do not hold much power (importance) in the native's life. Right now, due to your age, and the responsibility you feel on your shoulders, you might feel like climbing the corporate ladder (Sat rules the MC), but ultimately that might not satisfy your being. A part of you has already realised that, which is why the pull towards charity work, ashrams, spirituality, etc. IMO, you are on the right track. My Nep is in the 4th house, so opposite yours. I am also amidst the corporate world, but always feel the pull towards giving to society (to the have-nots) at least a small part of what I get. My Nep is not risen, but I have a wide Jup-Ven conjunction in Pisces That accentuates the Nep part. Spirituality also has an important place in my life.


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