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Re: Sexual tension at work

Originally Posted by Lion o ness View Post
I agree since she is married, it's best not to go there....

On a flip side, I have been there, I'm the older boss female, and I went there..
For the most part work romances can end very badly, I guess it depends on the two people...

I did go there, it was a very passionate and intense romance... It didn't end badly and we still talk/text a few times a week... I know this is the rare exception.
But I still advise against it...

I personally have no regrets, and if u ask me if I would do it again (with this same person)
YEAP...sure would. (I'm not married)
Haha thanks for sharing Lion o ness. You guys seem to be very cool about the whole situation. You know I am thinking it's all in my mind and the interest was solely on my part. I don't get much contact with women like her, so naturally I became attracted.

So I think I can follow your advice in not doing anything. 1. She won't be keen, and 2. I won't let it happen because it would be a bad move (now that I am coming to senses).
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