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Re: Sexual tension at work

Originally Posted by aquarius7000 View Post
Hi again,

Dr Time, I have a question, please, and I will have to digress from the real topic a bit. Do you have a desire to work abroad, or is there a likelihood of that being offered to you at work?

Saturn rules the MC (career) and it is in the 9th (overseas), with Jup, ruler of the 9th, in the first. Both planets work in harmony with eachother through a close trine. At the very least, you might receive education (seminars, courses- more than just a training) through your employer, and/or get to travel workwise.

I would also like to add that Nep in the 10th house could mean that you may be willing to make (too) many compromises in regard to your career, plus, as mentioned, you should (away from the subject of just women) try to be careful of things like deception and or mobbing at your workplace. A good way to avoid this is, of course, to stay alert and as close to reality as possible, and to use the Neptunian energies by either working for a social-service organisation, or, at the very least, doing some charity/social service in your free time. When Nep is the highest planet in the chart, as it is in your chart, the Nep energies dominate the native, so make use of the 'positive' Nep energies like creativity and social service.

Hey Aquarius7000 thanks for your reply. I am sorry I couldn't reply earlier, though I had read it as soon as you posted it as with the other comments from others, I couldn't reply as soon as I wanted.

I have had a very strong desire to actually live in India away from my home. The desire for living there is mainly because I feel it offers me a more simple way of life that I like, and also because I am extremely interested in spiritual practices, it offers a fantastic environment for these things. People that are very close to me in heart and my teachers are there too.
Because of this desire I have been contemplating finding some kind of job there, but it has only been a desire. I miss that place every day.
I should also note, because I just can't seem to get along well in my current country because it is far too expensive and I am single man, I have been desiring to work/live somewhere else, if not india some other place that could at least help me to get to india later. Some place where I can afford to live on a single salary and take care of my parents.

I'm not sure if this sort of opportunity to be abroad will come to me through current occupation. I have no idea how I will get there.

May I ask, what is the speciality of Neptune as a planet, and more specifically in the 10th house? Please excuse my ignorance. Your comment here really hits close to home.
I often work extremely hard at work, much against my personal well being, for the sake of a good wage to survive. I am not sure how I can be wary of deception just yet. I work in a very copporate environment where there is a lot of competition, so what you are saying I should try to understand.

The interesting thing is, I really wanted to work in social service type organisation, but I was rejected on account of no experience. On the side, I do a lot of charity work for ashrams and culutural centers. This is a kind of welfare work.

I guess I am kind of interested in climbing up the corporate ladder, getting as high as I can, because the country I live in is very expensive, and because I am not married and am trying to help my parents I need to make as much money as I can. Just so I can help us get some stability. Some of my earnings do go into welfare work too on top of it. It's hard to climb up this ladder when you are very meek though. It's a tough ride but has to be done for now.

Thank you for asking me this question AQ7. I've found it extremely therapeutic to be able to write this.
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