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Re: Sexual tension at work

Originally Posted by Lenzites betulina View Post
In all likelihood this will not be the first time you feel such sexual tension with a person of authority.

Often time such urges come because of an admiration of the power held by the authority figure. Sexual contact is a way to attempt to get that power, but it rarely works. Look up "dating your boss" on google for more info.

The best way to deal with this is to develop a sense of power and direction within oneself that is not dependent upon the affirmation of external figures who hold power. Only you can give yourself power. This power comes through self-understanding.
You're right LB. I've been thinking over this matter the last couple of days after first reading your comment. I have in the recent past, tended to be attracted to powerful women. It's quite an unusual thing. I'm trying hard to understand this.
The thing about attraction is it can put your mind so out of balance you lose focus.
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