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Re: Sexual tension at work

Hi again,

Dr Time, I have a question, please, and I will have to digress from the real topic a bit. Do you have a desire to work abroad, or is there a likelihood of that being offered to you at work?

Saturn rules the MC (career) and it is in the 9th (overseas), with Jup, ruler of the 9th, in the first. Both planets work in harmony with eachother through a close trine. At the very least, you might receive education (seminars, courses- more than just a training) through your employer, and/or get to travel workwise.

I would also like to add that Nep in the 10th house could mean that you may be willing to make (too) many compromises in regard to your career, plus, as mentioned, you should (away from the subject of just women) try to be careful of things like deception and or mobbing at your workplace. A good way to avoid this is, of course, to stay alert and as close to reality as possible, and to use the Neptunian energies by either working for a social-service organisation, or, at the very least, doing some charity/social service in your free time. When Nep is the highest planet in the chart, as it is in your chart, the Nep energies dominate the native, so make use of the 'positive' Nep energies like creativity and social service.


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