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Re: Sexual tension at work

Originally Posted by aquarius7000 View Post

You have a wide, but a Moon-Nep opp in your chart, which could imply a tendency to self deceive yourself, esp in the case of women (Moon) at work (Nep on MC). Moon-Ura opp could point at thrills/kicks that you may look for. Nep-Mars could be indicative of weird sexual fantasies.

All said and done, I would be extremely careful of such things, no matter what, at my work place, where self-control is of utmost importance. Once one's image or reputation gets marred, it is rather difficult to remedy that.

I agree with you 100%. You hit close to home when you mention that I have a tendency to deceive myself. My intuition is generally quite poor, or I am easily misled by the fairer sex.
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