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Re: Sexual tension at work

Originally Posted by dr. farr View Post
By symbolic direction, directed Venus has directed to conjunction with natal Mercury and natal Moon, in opposition to natal Uranus (as of this year of life): so, Venus (romantic potentials) connect with career matters, communications (Mercury), changing circumstances (Moon), being hit by the unusual (Uranus influences); because of the opposition by natal Uranus (can mean sudden situation and reactions, often of a disruptive nature), involving Venus (love matters), Mercury (communications, business connections) and Moon (emotions, "hidden" drives, etc) I join with Aquarius 7000 in suggesting being careful in how you handle this situation!
The interesting thing is, I am working with powerful women, I guess in someway I've been attracted to powerful women. The unusual thing is, I feel so dumb in comparison. I really don't understand how I can be in the role I am in. I may be struggling, and I do fear I will lose it.
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