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Re: When Will I get a Job?

asc lord mercury for profession elevated virgo 4th,
growth-riches through intellectual pursuits;
17 yrs mer dasa next; wear green emerald over little finger;

Yes, Sir, I am wearing green emerald in bronze metal over little finger of right hand. I am wearing it since Aug 2018. Honestly Sir I have not felt much of a difference after wearing emerald maybe because I have not gone through mercury dasha while wearing emerald.

sun-mer-venus, literary-oratory, medicine, pharma, etc.
venus elevated aspect over pisces 10th supportive of career;
venus elevated in navamsa; debilation cancelled,
gradual improvements;
venus lord 5th for luck-educaiton-position;
wear 0,25 carat diamond over platinum pendant;
I will try and wear a diamond over platinum pendant.

jup trine own pisces 10th again supportive of career;
Yes jupiter supports career with extra efforts.

sat own acq 9th for luck n tech-legal aptitudes-innovation-distant travels;
acq-sat settling at 36+, 19yrs sat dasa now.

Yes saturn is in own house Aquarius 9th Sir this brings me to the question of foreign trip and foreign settlement. As Saturn provides for distant travels and long-distance travels.
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