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Re: When Will I get a Job?


asc lord mercury for profession elevated virgo 4th,
growth-riches through intellectual pursuits;
17 yrs mer dasa next; wear green emerald over little finger;

sun-mer-venus, literary-oratory, medicine, pharma, etc.
venus elevated aspect over pisces 10th supportive of career;
venus elevated in navamsa; debilation cancelled,
gradual improvements;
venus lord 5th for luck-educaiton-position;
wear 0,25 carat diamond over platinum pendant;

jup trine own pisces 10th again supportive of career;

sat own acq 9th for luck n tech-legal aptitudes-innovation-distant travels;
acq-sat settling at 36+, 19yrs sat dasa now.

hope get indicators for your consumption!

wishing you well, kshantaram

ps : feedbacks in previous post are mixed up with the original reading
not allowing distinguish readily???
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