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Re: When Will I get a Job?

Kshantaram Sir

I have used multiple astrology softwares, one says that my current Chara Mahadasha is Capricorn and the other says it is Aquarius?

I am confused about which Rashi Chara Dasha I am currently going through?

Sir according to my experience from 2008 till now except 2011 it has been very bad and horrible time for me. It has been a very depressing and painful experience for me since 2008 till now except 2011.

2011 was good mainly because of Saturn Antardasha and Saturn Dhaiyya in the 4th house at that time.
I am able to relate with Vimshottari dasa much more than Chara Dasha.

My Chara Dasha from 2012-2016 was of Aquarius if I use astrosage software still that period was very bad for me. Even though Aquarius is my 9th house and Saturn is placed in it.

I cannot relate with Chara Dasha at all as Chara Dasha had some Dasha changes from 2008 till now but I have not felt much difference.

However according to Vimshottari Dasha I have only being going through Jupiter Mahadasha from 2008 and my whole life experience has been extremely bad and depressing.

In Chara Dasha I am not able to relate at all as it has had Dasha changes but still I have pretty much felt the same throughout my life since 2008 miserable and depressed.
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