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Wow Virgo18, you are mostly right in everything you said. Thank you so much for your inputs. Oh, right, so health is in the 6th house... I felt like it would be linked to my 8th house as a part of things I can't control... darn Saturn, I don't like you in my chart

Yes, I grew up feeling that I had to achieve things in order to be approved, such as having the best grades in school, be thin, look pretty, be always on time, and so on... looking back I can see I was pretty hard on myself. Always had this fear of not being good enough.

And yes, you are right again, I tried to achieve a beauty standard incompatible with my built such as being runway model-like skinny when my bone structure isn't compatible with that. If it wasn't for being sick and having to prioritize other things I'd probably have spent money on cosmetic surgery in order to feel like I was "good enough"...

Yes, I have what some could call a 6th sense for people, like I can very often see when there's something off about them by looking in their eyes.

I've been drawn to religion and the occult since I can remember, the house I grew up was and still is haunted so that was part of life for me, having to deal with spirits and demons. (Asteroid Spirit is conjunct my Sun) At some point I questioned the sanity of my Family and my own. I guess learning about psychology, mythology, occultism, studying the bible, was a way of making sense of all this. Now on to astrology I hope I can find more answers such as the ones you pointed out. Thanks again!
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