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Re: Too much stuff in the 8th house


First of all, health issues are detected in the 6th house and 1st house. You have Saturn in the 6th in libra so you may be very workaholic and perfectionist with your work and health. Also very concerned about looks. This is multiplicated with mercury in a critical degree of scorpio in the 8th house. Very fixed in terms of health, work, money, possessions, that can be translated in a lot of psychological stress "sometimes".

Your eating disorders may come from your Kiron in Taurus in the 1st (self image/food). Your 2nd house of self worth is ruled by Taurus and Venus is in the demanding and perfectionist Capricorn in the 9th house badly aspected by pluto and saturn in your 6th. Are you trying to reach a beauty standard that is not even of your own culture and raze? Just curious.

Try to be not so hard on you. Love yourself first inwardly so you stop doing bad things to your health. Remember that everything falls apart, including our physical attractiveness. Don't value your self according to your weight and size.

Sun and Mercury in the 8th house can make you feel drawn to the occult studies or at least psychology. You are able to psychoanalyze people with a very accute 6th sense = (Mercury in 29 of scorpio)


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