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Re: PLS anyone need guidance pls

Originally Posted by kangi View Post
Actually the Generation being born now will have more Capricorn Stellium with 2 major other planetary changes that just happened. Uranus moved into Taurus (Hasn't happened in 84 years) AND Chiron just moved Signs!!

I don't know how old you are but are you having your Saturn Return right now? Just curious because I have been connecting with a lot of Saturn Return people.
the generation of now does not have a super-conjunction stellium in capricorn, nor do they have more than we did- since that would mean that at least 3 out of the 4 most outer slow planets (saturn, uranus, neptune and pluto) should be in 1 sign- saturn is now in capricorn- yes pluto is there- but thats only 2 outer planets, uranus just moved in to taurus, neptune is in pisces- so they may have stelliums composed of the faster moving planets like the sun, mercury and venus- but because these planets move so fast- a stellium of those is not uncommon nor is it as special as what happened in 1988-1990- remember- because the 4 outer planets are so slow- and it takes them so incredibly long to move through the zodiac- their conjunction back then is truly something extremely interesting and special and a once in a life-time event.

planetary ingresses like you mention uranus and chiron (who is more of an asteroid and not a major outer heavy-weight planet) do not have anything to do with stelliums but since you mentioned it, yes, uranus just moved in to taurus- for the first time is 84 years- yes 84 years is a long time- but the last time there was a super conjunction stellium like i mention was in 1850!

and yes, those capricorn stellium kids are right now- because saturn is in capricorn for the first time since then- all going through their saturn return- and it is my personal theory- that because of saturn being back at its natal position- more and more of those stellium people are actually awakening spiritually searching for answers that no one can answer and they are finding those answers- and they are doing it at an amazing rapid speed- more and more are awakening spiritually and where do you go when you cant get answers from society, science or your parents- you turn to things like religion, spirituality, meditation, astrology, tarot, etc etc etc- so now this whole generation is being activated by saturn and they are being put on this path and thats why you probably have been connecting with a lot of them- especially on astrology forums- it is truly a time of huge awakening and i can say for sure this generation cannot be compared to anyone before or anyone after them.

if you are interested and you are also one of those capricorn stellium people- i have a book with information, explanation and guidance on it- its free online- its literally a handbook on how to deal with this energy and how rare it is

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