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Re: Uranus Transit Conj Sun

I experienced similar death experience before my own birth. With my older brother who died one day after birth due to mistake from doctors in hospital.

For religious faith/belief obliged reasons I was born in same hospital. The repeating thought my mother had during her pregnancy with me- was the circling "what if it happens again ? What if my baby die again ?"

As the doctors told my mom that I was healthy and alive she got paralyzed one week - unable to feel herself happy about my birth.

My whole life I was never able to happily celebrate my birthday same day - only one week later. What occurs and happens before and around own birth accompagnies a person subconscioulsy and comes up as an emotion on every new beginning ....job, relocation, partnership first thought coming up then was ....what if will not run well ?....with an uncontrollable week long ...then it was gone and o.k.

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Another thing with this moon I think you mentioned is feeling things especially others. And I think one thing I identify with the most is sensing others emotions and intentions. I really have a sort of psychic awareness of others and I can feel what others are going through when I'm with them.
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Sometimes it feels like a burden and other times like a gift. I'm really energized in situations where there's a lot of excitement and at the same time It can ruin my entire day when I'm in a stressful situation with others. Seeing other people cry and being near somebody who is upset never fails to bring me down.

This is quite normal for a HSP and psychic born person - I'm born with same -even with another uranus and neptune placement - I feel it in my body as mine as well. Inherited additionally from my father who had same and who was guided by his higher senses in war ...running safe over mine fields saving his following buddies as well.

But yes - all true psychic borns often call it a burden. My father never talked about it - but we both had a very deep nonverbal connection and strong bond- knowing that we both "are of same stuff".

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