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Re: How to counteract and support this transit

In this chart you've shown your natal chart and progressions, not transits. Progressions move each planet with the formula of a year in your life set equal to a day in the ephemeris. Transits, in contrast, show what is in the sky right now. The slow-moving outer planets like Saturn don't progress very far, at least not until one is truly elderly.

The faster personal planets are apt to show change, however. In this chart, progressed Venus has actually moved past your natal Saturn, so I don't think she'd be a source of new health problems associated with Saturn.

Jupiter rules the principle of expansion, including of one's body. With Sagittarius rising, Jupiter is an important planet for you. Progressed Venus and Saturn are now squaring the midpoint between your natal Mercury and sun, while Jupiter is hitting it. So weight gain would be consistent with these progressions.

Unfortunately as we age, our metabolisms do slow down.

This might be a good time to meet with a personal trainer and a dietician to see what more you can do, health-wise, to at least not gain any more weight.

If you are studying for a Master's degree, have you got access to campus medical services and athletic facilities like the gym? I think you've got so much Aries in your chart, that a physical work-out should be really beneficial.

Speaking as a more "round" person myself, who started off in life as a thin person, weight gain isn't wonderful, but we can always try to look our best no matter what our shape. (I mean, look at Oprah.)
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