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How to counteract and support this transit

[ATTACH][ATTACH]Attachment 75907[/ATTACH][/ATTACH]Hi all,
It seems I have an unpleasant transit currently moving through my chart very slowly I might add. I am looking at way I might be able to counteract this placement as I do feel that its influence is affecting my physical health considerably.
Notably the transit where Venus and saturn are transiting together over my natal saturn which is in cancer in the 7th house. My natal venus in is in Taurus. This is a slow moving transit and honestly its scaring me a bit. Many years ago I worked extremely hard to get fit and enjoy my physical body after illness. Now, after returning to study I have put on about 12 kg. Practically even smelling food makes me gain weight at the moment lol and the things which kept me fit and healthy seem to not make any difference. It concerns me as there are hereditary issues with insulin resistance /thyroid issues etc etc .. would anyone have advice for countermeasure I would undertake to help assist ? It feels a bit ****. And although I know its ultimately an illusion, it is affecting my interractions with others and I believe a few career opportunites , I have noticed people treating me very differently now I am more round in my physicality. Please help if you can as I am at my wits end with this. I have had medical tests and have a few issues going on, re previous epstein barr virus, malabsorbtion, iron deficiency history and Vit D deficiency previously. i really want to best support my body at this time as I am both a single parent, limited finances and studying a masters degree. Trying to honour the gifts I was born with and nurture them in a way that in the future i can support my family better. Its a difficult course but one I am well suited to. Thanks in advance.

Sorry I had uploaded the incorrect attachment and the correct one is oin the thread below.

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