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Originally Posted by poyi View Post
There is one Forensic Astrologer mentioned by a member of our forum during the discussion on Missing Person's thread. You may want to purchase her book if you are interested in this field of astrology. I am waiting for my copy to arrive from amazon. I am sure it will fasinate you if you have 8th house, Saturn, Pluto and Scorpio dominating in your chart. I'm hoping this book will blow my mind!

Forensic Astrology for Everyone: You Don't Need to be an Astrologer to Locate Lost Objects, Find Missing Persons, Solve Mysteries or Predict the Outcome of Events Paperback August 23, 2013

by Ms Caroline J Luley (Author)
Yes that's what field I'm interested in. I wanted to know if anyone was practicing and working along with LE. I went back and forth with Dave Campbell and got his advice. That's awesome your into as well. Not too many books for the subject. And not too many openly talk. So it's become this secret hobby. I want to meet other who share this hobby. The devil is in the details and every chart I've seen speaks volumes. I want to go deeper than the Google surface. Thanks for the recommendation.
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