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Re: Will my new date and I have a relationship?

Originally Posted by tikana View Post
the problem with this is ... jupiter meets sun
there is no connection with merc
yes he is all over (L7 in L1) her but she is combusted (the querent) and via combusta
he is detriment state
thanks...would you mind explaining what you mean by above? I don't quite understand what via combusta is and me being cumbusted it...also what does it denote when he is detriment state? as in he is not doing well in life? Im sorry for not being able to understand it and since it's about me, I wanted to ask for clarification to understand the situation further. thanks in advance! oh and what does it mean when you said that the problem is jupiter meets sun? Jupiter is him in this case and I heard that sun is also denotes the man, so in this case his significators meet, so why does this mean and why it is a problem?
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