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Re: Will my new date and I have a relationship?

Originally Posted by oleanna View Post
Dear, what about looking a little more after yourself and your own emotions?
Mercury is not very much into him. He, Jupiter, is in your first house, but Mercury is not in his...
See, even if he is very interested in you, wants sex and life and the moon to share with you, --- still you have to love him to make this all pleasurable.
Allow yourself a little more space and time to develop an emotion when you
meet a new person. An own emotion, not based on what the other side might feel, but on what you know you feel.
I wish you to find love soon, o.
Dear Oleanna

I think what you are referring to in regard to me not being into him as much as the horary shows he is into me is due to the fact that I am not sure what his intentions are. So physically I am into him, but of course as you mentioned there's part of me that is unsure and perhaps that is what you see there as my heart isn't 100% into this....not necessarily that i don't want to be with him, so good observation thank you )) Regardless, he hasn't initiated a date with me yet except that texting we had going on back and forth last night at 11:30pm per his initiation, so I will not jump to conclusion by this and think that "great, he wants a relationship with me now just because he contacted me!" Again, I am in the replying mode only now...haven't heard from him today (just last night) and will not going to contact myself. Might not even respond anything more than Im good how are you" if he doesn't show interest. Looks like texting significantly reduced after sex )) Im kind of busy now with taking a dance class and going to networking mixers with friends and all, so i am my own priority now.
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