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Re: Will my new date and I have a relationship?

Originally Posted by DrummerGirl View Post

Sounds like your going through some emotional confusion about this guy and dating men in general. I can relate to some extent, I've been there. My advice to you is go with your intuition (gut) about matters of the heart. If this guy is PURPOSELY hurting, baiting for sex and playing hard to get. It's so not worth the heartache. Sometimes in life we come across people, situations and connections in order to learn lessons. If you feel you've learnt something good or bad about this encounter. Then time to leave and let it go. Don't stick around because by the looks of this horary chart you did, all these planets mars, venus, jupiter all residing in the 12th H indicates his intentions, love and feelings are (secretive, removed and disconnected) he's with more than just you. It looks like he's been deceitful and is playing with more than one gal. Beware!

You are right 100%. I don't know if he is dating anyone because when I was with him he never got a call from a female and the calls that did come were from his male friends as he had them on speakerphone, but he is still online (the dating site we've met at) even though he told me to get off of it myself. So you are right that those plants all in my 12th house indicate that he is talking to other women too obviously. I got off, but then got right back on seeing that he did not deactivate his profile. In fact, he saw me online today lol. I had mentioned in my other thread that he did finally contact me a day an a half later, so at least I now no longer feel used from that sense since it would have sucked if he ever contacted me. Since he has not gotten off that site for now, I will not take him seriously and will get on with my life. if he texts me again, I'll act polite and nice, but that's about it. When he tells me that he is deleting his profile and I see that happening, then I might consider something with him again based on his approach to me, but for now I am happy he contacted me after sex and that he inquired what happened to me. I am taking a dance class today and have some other plans for this week, so i'm going to concentrate on myself as a priority from now on and the rest will figure itself out I guess over time. Thanks for your advice guys... Wishing you all a wonderful day!
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