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Re: Will my new date and I have a relationship?

Originally Posted by kai View Post
Yes and I have posted a followup question whether he will contact me or not by providing a brief background of what happened that you could look into. I'd appreciate if you can briefly tell me whether he will contact later on or if that was it. I fell for it, BUT at the same time I needed to move on from my previous ex as I felt really down, and even though I liked this guy, it did help me to get my mind off from the previous one well enough, so perhaps this new guy was there for a reason who knows. Im glad that i didn't get too attached even though I did get a little attached, but it isn't as bad as how i felt recently with the previous guy I dated briefly. It's just i haven't dated for 4 years approximately, so these guys were new and I finally liked them lol. I learned my lesson...if a guy shows physical interest in me right away, then there's only one thing on his mind, so i'll take that as a hint next time, and if he seems to be in a rush to have sex with me by inviting me over on the second and third dates, then that's also a red flag. I will have to put up boundaries next time I meet someone and in case that doesn't seem to suit him, then oh well, at least I know. I'm just not an expert on these things as I follow my gut instinct, but I guess we learn from our own experiences and I had a two failed experiences within a short period of time that taught me how to proceed in relationships. Here's the other thread I posted after a few days of this one:

Sounds like your going through some emotional confusion about this guy and dating men in general. I can relate to some extent, I've been there. My advice to you is go with your intuition (gut) about matters of the heart. If this guy is PURPOSELY hurting, baiting for sex and playing hard to get. It's so not worth the heartache. Sometimes in life we come across people, situations and connections in order to learn lessons. If you feel you've learnt something good or bad about this encounter. Then time to leave and let it go. Don't stick around because by the looks of this horary chart you did, all these planets mars, venus, jupiter all residing in the 12th H indicates his intentions, love and feelings are (secretive, removed and disconnected) he's with more than just you. It looks like he's been deceitful and is playing with more than one gal. Beware!
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