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Re: Will my new date and I have a relationship?

Originally Posted by DrummerGirl View Post
Neptune doing an opposition to Venus & Jupiter shows deception and Pluto also squaring too. I'd question his intentions, if it's just sex he's after?
Yes and I have posted a followup question whether he will contact me or not by providing a brief background of what happened that you could look into. I'd appreciate if you can briefly tell me whether he will contact later on or if that was it. I fell for it, BUT at the same time I needed to move on from my previous ex as I felt really down, and even though I liked this guy, it did help me to get my mind off from the previous one well enough, so perhaps this new guy was there for a reason who knows. Im glad that i didn't get too attached even though I did get a little attached, but it isn't as bad as how i felt recently with the previous guy I dated briefly. It's just i haven't dated for 4 years approximately, so these guys were new and I finally liked them lol. I learned my lesson...if a guy shows physical interest in me right away, then there's only one thing on his mind, so i'll take that as a hint next time, and if he seems to be in a rush to have sex with me by inviting me over on the second and third dates, then that's also a red flag. I will have to put up boundaries next time I meet someone and in case that doesn't seem to suit him, then oh well, at least I know. I'm just not an expert on these things as I follow my gut instinct, but I guess we learn from our own experiences and I had a two failed experiences within a short period of time that taught me how to proceed in relationships. Here's the other thread I posted after a few days of this one:
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