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Will my new date and I have a relationship?

I just met someone new after my break up with my ex that I was inquiring about a week an a half ago or so. I felt really down, so decided to go on dates to get my mind off him and perhaps meet someone interesting to date. I did meet someone today that I might have liked. I'm trying to take it slow, but we did kiss and he showed a profound interest in me. I don't want to go overboard yet, since I became excited about my ex-bf, but it didn't work out.

This chart look similar to the previous chart I had cast in regard to my ex. I was wondering if me and the new guy will end up boyfriend and girlfriend? He asked me out tomorrow too, so his interest in me was shown physically as well as verbally. I see there's no reception...bad news even though we got along well? Thank you very much.

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