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Re: What's the hardest transit you've gone through?

Thank you all for sharing, interesting thread indeed. With some pretty edgy examples from some folks too.

2016-2019; first Pluto conj DC, then Saturn conj DC (+ Uranus conj Venus). Has been an extremely painful time, have written about this in previous threads here. Marriage suddenly consisted of power struggles, quarrels, distance, isolation, depression, and seeing all the downsides to my relationship clearly. Relationship went from close, supportive and warm to cold and distant. Uranus conj venus later in this period brought a new man into my life, but I would never have been open to it unless Pluto hadn't "destroyed" me relationship -wise first. :/ Still married but saturn conj DC now really makes me more distant to my husband, and I'm now considering if I can live with the downsides to this relationship- which I never doubted before. (and almost forgot: saturn had been opposing my sun in the period right before Pluto was conj DC.. which means I was pretty worn down by blockings in my social, professional and marital life just before all this DC-stuff was happening. Those years were pretty much awful)..

Yeahhh I had a Uranus-Venus experience like that about oh 13 years ago when one relationship suddenly ended when Uranus crossed Venus for the first time and another began with the second pass. It was quite unreal and I was going through some major depression to boot.

As far as rough transits and progressions...

Pluto conjunct Moon as others have mentioned, coinciding with a major illness and generally super low times in every way imaginable. I'm thankful for the effect it had but this has to be the worst-feeling transit ever. (It also happened with progressed Sun squaring Saturn those years so rough times in general then. Basically had to figure out how to take care of disabling circumstances all by myself and start working when not really able to do so.)

Others would be the just finishing progressed Sun square Chiron that I've had to deal with for the past 2 years with Chiron also conjuncting/squaring natal and progressed Moon over the summer earlier this year. That was not fun but it has just a little left to go (for the first one) so pretty psyched about it ending.

Can't wait for Jupiter to enter Cap here in a couple of weeks
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