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Re: What's the hardest transit you've gone through?

Originally Posted by Forgotten Warrior View Post
Honestly,I haven't thought about that.
It could be your Part of Fortune.
And yes,you're right,Uranus can bring events like this...
Have you considered yourself lucky before this happened?

No I wouldn't say I was luckier than anyone else. But since the Uranus transit started, I've had three accidents. 2 friends died very suddenly. There was a fire in my building and I've never been in a fire before. My car has required expensive repairs 3 times while mechanics say they don't know why anything went wrong, it just did. My power company has sent me bills of hundreds of dollars for one month of power which I disputed and won. Now, they're doing it again. And this time they're giving me a harder time to resolve the issue and I'll have to call the utilities commission, also something I've never had to do. It just seems almost everyday something major goes wrong.

I lost a valuable earring during a power failure last month, but found it through the help of this site. The Uranus transit isn't even two years old and I'm already half nuts from all the misfortune. It's so much unexpected stuff that goes wrong. There's no preparation or defense for it.
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