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Originally Posted by northernstar View Post
In my adult life, I've had two periods that have been very challenging:

2016-2019; first Pluto conj DC, then Saturn conj DC (+ Uranus conj Venus). Has been extremely painful, have written about this in previous threads here. Power struggles, quarrels, distance, isolation, depression, seeing all the downsides to my relationship clearly. Relationship went from close and warm to cold and distant. Uranus conj venus later in this period brought a new man into my life, but I would never have been open to it unless Pluto hadn't "destroyed" me relationship -wise first. :/ Still married but saturn conj DC now really makes me more distant to my husband, considering if I can live with the downsides to this relationship- which I never doubted before.

2002-2003; had Chiron conjunct DC and Uranus conj MC/moon at the same time. In this period I moved together with my husband, had my first child and went into a postnatal depression. Felt crippling loneliness, isolation, hopelessness. Awful and dark (not the moving together-part, just the depression and feeling that I had lost my own life and never would get it back: child had colic and I hardly slept for months on end).
I hope it will get better for you soon enough...
And I'm truly sorry for the pain you went through these years.
Many blessings to you.
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