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Re: What's the hardest transit you've gone through?

I'd say the hardest are combinations of challenging aspects. I have many hard aspects in my natal, so transits seem to activate a lot of extra aspects for me.

There are 3 periods where I'd say I had an especially hard time:
1) 2019 thus far:
- Pluto and Saturn in Cap square my Libra Asc
- Chiron in Aries square/opposite my Sun, Merc, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
> More drinking, isolation, heaviness.

2) 09-11ish
- Saturn in Libra passed over my Sun/Mars/Merc (late Virgo)
- Pluto in Cap squared my Sun/Mars/Merc
> Led to finding myself but losing my ego/old friends in the process

3) 95-96ish
- Neptune/Uranus in Cap square my Asc
- Chiron in Libra over my Sun/Mars/Merc
> Childhood when several traumatic events occurred. Parents split as well.
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