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Originally Posted by moonkat235 View Post
lol no worries, you didn't upset me. I don't feel sorry I went through anything really. I don't have regrets, as in I wouldn't change anything in my past if I could. I mean, I'm still embarrassed by a lot of things and I don't really want a repeat of experiences, but suffering is good for learning and I don't think most people can tell that I've been through sh*t.

The sous chef at work asked me how I was doing one day and I was having a bad day and said 'I'm so angry right now', but she said it was funny to her, because I was smiling while I said it all zen-looking. haha
It's normal,everyone feels embarassed at some point.
I wish I can hide all my problems the same way...When I'm mad,everyone can see it...
And it's uncomfortable...
"Sous Chef"=Chief Cook/Chef,"the boss or leader of all chefs",I presume.
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