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Re: When is the Time of the Second Coming?

Truly fascinating!!!! Every culture on this earth knows ( has prophecies) or is becoming aware that the second coming prophecies are being fulfilled, even if a person isn't especially religious or spiritual, etc, people know something is up!!!! The planet earth , the peoples, all the occurences, wars, and famines, and natural diasters, the weather , all this was told would happen in the last days, and I know people say its always been like this, yes, but not to this degree and we all know that it is escalating and getting more intense, and harder on all mankind, and animals, and the planet earth, air, water, pollution etc going out of control Global warming species dying off, the balance has been thrown off, the last day events!!! God is trying to wake everyone up, we are at the end of this earth's history but the time and the hour no man knows only God knows, HE will come like a thief in the night, probably way sooner than anyone thinks, so when we see all the things that are happening on this earth we know that it is soon!! Really exciting times to be living and very serious too!!! Adonis I think that was very interesting the chart, and your explanation is quite believeable!!! Sincerely Deb
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