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Re: Will my husband return ?

As both you and Chrysalis wrote, the late degree on the ascendent does mean it is risky to read this chart, and it can also indicate that the situation is already resolved.
Confirming this is the fact that the moon's nodes are in the same degree, so the question is not in your hands, or your husband's, because destiny will step in unexpectedly and you will have no control over the outcome.
Uranus in the 7th shows both his breaking away, but also, the fact that it is still in the 7th house would indicate that he prizes his independence and won't give it up easily.
Because of the last degree on the ascendent/descendent axis, very shorty you will both change signs, and in this case having to do with Aries and libra, and then taurus and scorpio the significators remain Venus/mars, but flipped. So your positions will become ironically reversed.
Moon in your 2nd approaches an opposition with Venus in the 8th. Are there financial issues involved here? Something to do with money and assets?
Here again the significators of these 2 houses remain Venus/mars, but they will reverse soon.
The friendship houses are 11th (yours) and 5th (his), ruled respectively by mercury retrograde (looking back... remember Lot's wife who was turned into salt when she disobeyed the Angel's warning and looked back?), as well as Jupiter and Neptune, both retrograde. So both of you are looking back at better times together, and basing your friendship on this.
However, you as mercury will swipe quickly by Venus and come to square mars, so the friendship will not satisfy you.
He on the other hand has both moon and Venus approaching a square with his Neptune of friendship, so he too will become disillusioned. Co-ruler Jupiter retrograde will move towards an aspect with co-ruler Neptune, closing ranks on itself.
Notice the moon who approaches the opposition with Venus, and inconjunct both mercury and Uranus. This is a very careful balance of energy.
So, he may not disappear from your life, because of the intertwining of energy, but it doesn't look like a return to a marital state either.
You might just have to wait and see what Fate has in store for you.
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