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Re: aries and sag - toxic friendship

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
In your title, you say this is a toxic friendship, but nothing you say in your post makes it sound toxic. Do you feel this is a toxic friendship?

If there are issues between you and this woman, I think it's a Venus/Pluto dynamic. You have Pluto square Venus, and she has Pluto conjunct Venus. Since the two of you are close in age, your Plutos are conjunct each other's, which means her Venus squares your Venus and activates your Pluto/Venus square. Meanwhile, your Venus activates her Venus/Pluto conjunction.

Pluto indicates issues with power. Venus indicates relationship to others, and issues around that. You say she seeks attention from others, demands to be the center of attention. That is about social power. And that's what you perceive her doing, not necessarily what she perceives herself doing. That you seem disdainful, or perhaps jealous, indicates that this is a social power issue for you.

This may be a case of you projecting your shadow side onto someone else. Based on your birth charts, if either of you tends to seek out being the center of attention, I would expect it to be you. You have Leo rising, and Leo is notorious for wanting to be the center of attention. She has nothing in Leo, unless it's her (unknown to us) ascendant or midheaven.

If she is a Leo rising, like you, it could be that you both want to be the center of attention. Maybe you're unconsciously competing with each other for it. Maybe she feels you take the center of attention better than she does, and is trying to compensate for it.

actually i do not know why i named it as toxic.

maybe because she is a strong personality. a lot of times she said that we = me and her- are strong women.

mayb ei have inner complex of not getting used to be around strong people.

i remember since junior high school i was usually out of the 'strongest' companies.
stronges means most popular.

usually i am the 'other group' the group which is very strong emotionally and mentally.

i have never been a popular person. maybe that is why i still feel the 'complex' of someone wanting to be higher and better than me.

usually i was in normal groups of intelligent and strong people but those who dont brag around or those that dont use instagram and etc.

with this taurus woman i described before i thought that being popular ( as her) means power.
now i know that power is in mind and we just need to know when and how to use it.
the power of person is inside , it doesnt depend on outside pactors- that is what i call power or strength.

i think that maybe because of my leo ascendant i naturally come as popualr or strong. even when i dont want.

but inner me wants peace and solid and stable life grounded life. and its been only 3 years that i started to achieve it. not before. before i was 'shaking in my mind' not being sure and etc.
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