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Motivational speaker/author?

I'm at a crossroads right now in my career, I've suffered hospitalization this year and am sort of out of a job/school right now and really really bored at home trying to figure out what I want to do, I surely need to do something but am suffering some depressive symptoms regarding getting my life off the ground I'm trying to work on (the hospitalization is related to depressive symptoms). I'm extremely motivated to aid other PTSD survivors and one of my greatest dreams is to become a motivational speaker or a counselor that inspires other survivors to understand their fears and the role of fear as a motivator in life, not a consumer. I have anxiety but when I am public speaking it all seems to go away, speaking/writing are very strong in my chart. Yes, I do recognize how silly it is to be a motivational speaker who is suffering motivational issues, I feel very very impassioned when it comes to this topic and aiding others (all that sixth house energy and the need to serve!) but don't know where to begin, how you break into motivational speaking, or helping others in this way in general. I've also completed a novel and would love to see it published (I'm editing it currently), but that's not so much a career as a vocation since it's so difficult to break it as a writer. Saturn in 10th is to me having such lofty goals that I never achieve them; always aiming high but never knowing exactly where to begin, since Saturn sort of keeps you stuck at times. I have a lot of heart in what I do, being a Leo, and have that leadership energy ESPECIALLY where it comes to inspiring others to see past their fears and speak up about them (oddly enough I've never had any shame for having PTSD...ever), but it turns into a restless energy when it's unused, such as now, where I'm very restless sitting at home. My question is how successful I would be when it comes to motivational speaking/authorship, I know with my Gemini rising and all the third house activity it's more than likely something I will get into, or if there's anything else in the chart that indicates where my direction might be going, maybe towards compassionate service in some way. With all that sixth house water I'm an intuitive as well and very empathetic and a good listener. I'm unsure what the Aquarius MC means just yet. Can anyone take a quick peek? Thank you so much for your time.
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