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Re: Does he want a romantic relationship with me?

Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
Sun, exalting Saturn. I'd say he is absolutely crazy about you! He has got rose-colored glasses on and everything is nice and pretty and dreamy. I think with exaltation he perhaps puts you on a pedestal, which may come crashing down when reality kicks in.
I don't know so much about him being crazy about me... He does like to test my morals and views from time to time, though. I think I'm still on that pedestal, but I sure will fall off it one of these days.

You on the other hand has true feeling for him, Moon in Leo and you are on the last rope trying to move forward. Moon will change signs soon into Virgo. There is no aspect between Moon and Sun or Sun and Saturn, so I doubt there is anything that will develop.
I'm getting quite resigned that nothing will come out of it, at the least for the time being, and yes, I am at the end of my patience, so to speak. I did ask the question because if it was a yes, I'd approach him, but if it was a no, I'd let things rest and go back to my usual focus and what I should be working on and stressing over.

Your emotional and your mental side don't see eye to eye ad there is negative reception between Saturn and Moon, so I think the fact that you like him has made this mental side of you to try be logical and push the emotional side away and vice versa. This is interesting.
Wow. I'm a bit speechless, sorry. Indeed, either guessing or knowing that he's not interested like I am has made me kind of intellectualize my feelings and push the certain heartbreak I'll feel if I let emotions take over. See? I can even talk about it. I think it's the Virgo - Aqua side of me coming through to rescue my Leo 's wounded pride. Might also be that Libra working its magic.

I'll keep you guys updated on it, don't worry.
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