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Re: Will I get the job?

Originally Posted by HailxxNight View Post
My sister asked if she will get the job and I wanted to post for better analysis of her chart and not give her a false read. She told me this job is kinda in her field but has extra responsibilities outside her field and part of the same branch of organization she works for in the business medical field under Dignity which is hospitals and doctors offices.

With her being Venus making no applying aspect to her 10th house Moon, but Moon in term of her could that say the boss interviewing her will like her a lot and with Moon applying to her 4th house of ending matter would it be a yes?

We appreciate any help as always and thank you greatly.
Moon is Void and not applying to any planet. Unfortunately I'm not seeing her getting this job. There is mutual reception between 9th and 10th house rulers, not sure of the significance. Also Mercury is angular. Mercury rules hospitals in this chart (12th house). Is her work more mercurial in nature?
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