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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
"if Iím Psyche"
No, sorry, you are not Psyche. Psyche is present like the other planets, only it is an asteroid, and it exerts its influence like the others. It is one energy that interacts with the other energies in the chart.

"it doesnít show great prospects for long term?"

"Uranus trining is both"
This isn't happening, it is way past.
Ok thanks
Can you please tell me.. what am I not understanding, because I see a traditional Ďyesí answer (positive aspect between two signifiers), so why the Ďno chanceí outcome because of the grand trine with Uranus? Does the chart give other clues that I donít comprehend?

Iím getting the same message from the iching but I donít understand why. It just keeps saying thereís something I donít know yet and not to contact him.. hinting at sinister forces and deception., I guess I need to cast another chart to answer that but if anyone can point me in a vague direction it would be extremely valuable info
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