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Re: Why is the Moon considered Void in Pisces?

I've been a student of astrology for nearly half a century, and this is the first I've heard of Moon being void in Pisces.

The term "void" [void of course] means that Moon beholds no major aspect from its present position until her exit from the sign she is in. Void has nothing to do with the signs.

There is a zone of the zodiac called the "via combusta" (15 Libra--15 Scorpio) in which Moon is considered to be burned up and ineffectual. It is used in horary astrology, and if Moon be found there the chart is considered "unfit to be judged" because the state of affairs to be judged is unsettled, perhaps chaotic. It may indicate that the querent is dissatisfied with things as they are but has no idea what she wants. Things going on behind the scenes. Stuff like that.

But Pisces?

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