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Re: I feel that we're not completely over. Will we patch back?

It looks like you two will patch things up but it also looks like it'll be a process that will take a bit of work.

Moon is applying a trine to Saturn which shows, at the very least, friendly and amicable communication. The two of you could very easily become friends and perhaps move back towards something serious again. Moon is placed in your 5H of love and romance so you're definitely still smitten for him. However, You're in his sign of detriment, so it really shows that while you may still care for him, you're definitely first and foremost thinking about yourself.

Moon in exalted Taurus shows affinity for you as a romantic prospect (venus) as well was your feelings (taurus 5H). I'm not sure who broke up with who but it's possible that he's also hoping that the two of you will get back together (Taurus is his turned 11H of hopes and dreams) and he may hope to do that by trying to remain friendly with you.

The stress aspect I see comes into play with Mars and Venus squaring off. Those are your respective 5H rulers (Taurus/Scorpio) so it seems like your love languages just may not be a perfect match. Mars in flighty/erratic gemini is looking to keep stimulated and entertained, while Venus in exalted Pisces is looking for a deeper connection that exists past bounds as we know them.

South node's in your 1H with NN in the 7th. The first thing that comes to mind when seeing this is that for a relationship to exists, it needs to probably be less Structured and rigid, and more intimate and childish in a way since Cancer is the first water sign. It's okay for things to be shallow and light hearted, especially if the two of you weren't dating for very long to begin with. Love is something that grows over time and depth evolves as you get to know each other and always be expected to sustain itself.

Hopefully this makes sense. Good luck!
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