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Originally Posted by Safu View Post

I've been pretty into astrology these past few months and I have A LOT of questions.

The part of my chart that I feel the most definitely has to be my Mars retrograde and all the hard aspects (Mars opposite Saturn!!) that come with it. A lot of times it feels like I bottle in my emotions without even realizing that I am, until I finally blow with either tears or a mental breakdown. It feels like no matter what I do, something has to get in my way for no reason. It *****!

Another part of astrology that I've been really interested in is the nodes of the moon. I have a hard time understanding what a north node Leo is supposed to do in the 11th house. From what I read, NN in the 11th house people achieve their goals through working with friends. It seems completely contradictory to NN Leo. I heavily prefer to work alone, but I've noticed that friendships come really easy to me!

Also, a friend of mine who's also into astrology said I had a few "lucky" aspects in my chart but she wouldn't tell me. What are they? And what is a "lucky" aspect like?

Your chart is of the Bowl pattern; there is a current thread on the bowl where you will find the main characteristics of this personality type. Mars is the leading planet, powerful in his domicile. A keyword for Mars in this position is "indomitable".

The pattern is delimited by Fixed signs. Both Mars & Venus are at home. They are in opposition by sign if not by actual aspect, and both square Uranus; the Mars-Saturn opposition has company.

Neptune also figures into this configuration, and there is a preponderance of Fixed signs.

Sun is exalted in Aries (Cardinal & Angular...but out of joy in 7th), but Jupiter is combust. The two are in last-quarter square to Moon exiled. This configuration exerts powerful influence on the life.

Probable deviant sexuality creates issues.

More important than "Mars rx", all three planets in the eastern hemisphere are rx. Self-centered attitudes or actions may cause setbacks, difficulties. (When I say "more important" I mean "as a basic, fundamental or innate character trait". Mars is specific, particular; the fact that "all planets east [unnamed, anonymous] are rx" is a generalized statement, and therefore underlies Mars.)

Mars is rx in only about 8% of all charts; therefore this Mars MUST be important. And furthermore, Mars occupies a position of preeminence in the map, amplifying even more his prominence.

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