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Originally Posted by AquaMoonChild View Post
I'm a cancer sun, Aquarius moon and Virgo asc. I've been told that I am layed back, shy, outgoing, cold, a **tch, meek, too sensitive, need to have a drink ect. In reality I'm all of those thing looking down from a far. Most of my life I've suffered from depersonalization. I have been friends with everyone but not close with many people. I would be at the popular table feeling like an outcast and looking at my other friends at the outcast table and wishing I was there. I could always take risks because I hate stagnance. I am also adopted and I've heard many aquarius moons are adopted. My moon is in the 5th house and I've alway been highly creative and never had an issue conceiving. I don't feel aloof or cold but I know the difference between whining and true sadness. I can't stand whiners or complainers. But I am so sensitive to emotions that I cannot let myself feel them because it's too much. THat might be my Jupiter in Pisces though. I usually do well in creative endeavors as long as i'm not shy about it. I can easily get people together to be apart of something fun or creative like a play or parties. I usually don't have to try. My closest friends usually become like family more than "family". Also my husband is an aquarius sun. He thinks I'm too sensitive and doesn't understand emotional'S outburst at all. He calls them illogical.
The Moon is empowered in Aquarius. What's your husband's Asc and Moon?
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