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Originally Posted by Love2Know View Post
If you really start focusing on body language and tone you can actually train yourself to utilize this while you are awake. The issue can come from stress or negative emotions when you are awake that may cloud perception. Deep breaths help. You can then focus on the subtle nuances we all have. You can also pick up on extagerated or practiced/ mechanical responses people have. I am not an expert I am just ok in theory lol. Your connection with your dreams are wonderful though. I talk to many people about this stuff in person as I am very curious in general and it is a trait I find many people share yet I gravitate to certain people so this too is a bias interpretation.
Yessss!!! This is exactly what I'm finding. When I'm awake I'm too distracted to tune in. I mean I have a hell of a time trying to fall asleep due to my sensitive hearing. Every noise keeps me up. I'm having to observe body language as a result and pay more attention to what it means.
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