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Originally Posted by The_Saturnian View Post
Think of timelines are the 5th Dimension. As far as I am aware, the 5th Dimension is the gateway to what could have been and/or what could be. There is no fixed acceleration of time in the 5th Dimension. So there are 'timelines' which are constantly being created, whilst others are collapsing simultaneously. Light workers, shamans (I think), twin flames, kundalini activated people, others alike, tend to have access to these it's been suggested. So pasts, presents, and futures can all be see by them.

Judging by what you say, it sounds as if you have an active Ajna chakra (3rd eye chakra) for divine sight. Do you practice any form of yoga or do you channel from angels?
Well I wish I could see my own future...

I have done yoga before. I find it rather boring. I would love to be able to do relaxation more often but currently never get the opportunity.
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